An old site but a great site for downloads. Has a few new things added.

Just a ton of great stuff to grab. Don’t forget to play with her color actions. See also the following thread:




Miss Adia, Sims
Lots of nice lots and they happen to be Maxis make-overs.


Sims 2 Finds

A site I stumbled upon a while back and forgot about. Tons of great stuff.

That popular dress mesh with the one shoe mesh you’ve been waiting for – practical flats.

Completely forgot about this Freetime item and now there’s a mesh edit.

Fresh Prince Creations
How about remembering to get new cars for your Sims, hm?

Very sexy AM outfit (mesh edit of EA exclusive TM outfit) plus three recolors. You know who should wear this.

Salvaged Simwardrobe downloads

EA Sims 2 Store Stuff reference thread

Sims 2 Finds

New site to me. Tons of great stuff.

Fairy Forest / Feenwald
I always forget to download from this site but after seeing this Country Nursery Baby Tub I won’t be making that mistake again.

Nixed Sims: Animated Starship Mobile
New site to me and dedicated to Star Trek and other sci-fi screen franchises! Fantastic.

Wooden Snack Closet among other goodies of late.

Update The Second

Well, I definitely don’t know when I’ll get back to posting my stories. There is a good reason, though.

Since my last post, I’ve become a mother for the first time. My daughter is the greatest thing to happen to me. She is also the most time-consuming project ever. *smile*

Anyway, I think I will switch gears and use this blog as a finds log for me. There is so much out there and I forget to get everything I want.


I just realized it’s been over three years since I’v used this blog! Around the time I stopped posting, I had ended a relationship. A few months later found me in a wonderful new relationship (currently live-in boyfriend) that distracted me some from Sims and further pushed me into World of Warcraft. Yeah, I’m a raider. :P Definitely going to post some more when I can.



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